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Being an Oppositor, you belong to a Collective with Advantage

If you are preparing for an opposition and have to have eye surgery to pass the medical exam, you are interested in:

You have access to our special offers and discounts for opponents of myopia, farsightedness, laser astigmatism and intraocular lens implantation in Madrid, Santander, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Malaga and more Health services.


It is important that on the first appointment for tests in the chosen clinic you take a copy of the visual requirements that you must meet to pass the medical examination of your opposition and its estimated date for the ophthalmologist surgeon to assess it. For the indication of the surgery and the choice of the technique in addition to the medical parameters, the visual and other requirements that you will have to overcome in the medical examination and in your later professional life are also important.

You should also keep in mind that although the recovery of these types of interventions is very fast, vision is not perfect in the first few days. The recovery time may vary depending on the amount of diopters corrected, the technique applied and other factors so you are not interested in waiting until the last moment before the medical exam, it is better to plan it with sufficient time.

-To make your discount effective in your vision operation you will only have to carry one of our Access Codes to the offer that interests you and prove that you are an opponent, showing your academy's receipt or other valid document at the first appointment for tests.

Remember that this offer is:

  • - Valid for parents, brothers, children and partner.
  • - Tests without cost or commitment
  • - Price closed until discharge, no surprises

ABanzis, the best offers, the best clinics!

Remember that the offers we manage, whether for surgeries or treatments, are authentic and quality advantages, both by the category of professionals who perform them and by technology, facilities, patient treatment and clear economic savings.
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