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Being a Large Family, you belong to a Collective with Advantage

Because you are a Large Family, you have access to our special offers and discounts for the operation of myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and Tired Vision with laser and with intraocular lens implant and also for the operation of cataract eyes and in Surgery and Medicine Aesthetics, Dentistry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Home Therapy, Early Childhood Care and more health services


To make your discount effective you will only have to bring one of our Access Codes to the offer you are interested in and prove that you are a Large Family on the first appointment for testing.

Remember that this offer is:

  • - Valid for parents, brothers, children and partner.
  • - Tests without cost or commitment
  • - Price closed until discharge, no surprises

ABanzis, the best offers, the best clinics!

Remember that the offers we manage, whether for surgeries or treatments, are authentic and quality advantages, both by the category of professionals who perform them and by technology, facilities, patient treatment and clear economic savings.
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