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To access the Discounts that interest you, you will need:

  • Information or appointment for consultation at: +34 699 05 45 25 /
  • The Proofs of Access to the Discounts that interest you at NO COST
  • Accreditation of belonging to a Collective with Advantage

Show both printed or mobile documents on the first date

Only for previously registered users:

If you had already created an ABanzis account but you have forgotten your password, you can regain your access by writing your email here. We will send you a link so you can put a new one:

Please read carefully:

You do not have to pay anything on this WEB. Payment will be at the center chosen at the time of the service, treatment or intervention.

Your user account and the Access to Advantage Document are necessary to manage your appointments or inquiries in the centers you have chosen.

The Proof of Access to Discount accredits you as a user of ABanzis and indicates that Advantages interest you to better serve you, logically, it does not imply that you are going to perform any intervention or treatment.

When it comes to medical or health-related services, it is essential to have a previous study, diagnosis and personalized indication of the doctor or health professional before its realization.

After receiving the information from the doctor or health professional about the different options you can decide quietly if you want to move on.

If the option indicated and finally chosen does not match the Proof of Access to the Discount you do not need to download a new one. You will access the Advantage of ABanzis finally contracted and confirmed in the chosen center with the conditions of the same.

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