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Zaragoza - Capillary Micrograft € 3.995 - FUE Method / 2.500 uf.



Dr. Lourdes Moreno Carbonell
C / Lacarra de Miguel, 29 Zaragoza; Garcilaso Clinic C / Garcilaso, nº 7 Madrid
Health License / Registration Number: Collegiate number of Doctor: 50/14715 - Registration number of Centers and Services: 5024284
Tel: 699054525
Contact: Lucia moratal

BEST PRICE - Doctor Lourdes Moreno Carbonell - Clinic of Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Hair Implant Clinic

OFFER 23% Discount on HAIR GRAFT / METHOD FUE 2.500 follicular units, for Collective with Advantage, contact us to find out if you can include yourself in one. 

(5.250 € PVP)


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- All revisions included.

- Includes direct relatives: parents, children, siblings and couple.

- In the first session the patient must show an accreditation of belonging to a Collective with Advantage and an Access to Advantage Document downloaded from our WEB.

- Personalized financing available, consult.


The FUE SURGERY, or FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION, is performed under local anesthesia, the patient being conscious without feeling any discomfort and consists of the extraction one by one of the follicular units of the posterior and / or lateral area of ​​the scalp (what we call donor areas), with the help of cylindrical micro-scalpels between 0.8-0.9 mm in diameter, and which can be both manual and mechanized.

This innovative technique, which requires great precision, is minimally invasive, and the recovery of the area is exceptionally fast and painless, leaving no linear scars and allowing the patient to return to normal life in a very short time.

The duration of this intervention can vary from 4 to 12 hours, always depending on the follicular units that need to be implanted, being able to schedule a long session of just 1 day, or divide it into two consecutive days.





  • Minimally Invasive and without a scar.
  • Faster recovery.
  • More mechanical surgery and therefore easier.


  • Fewer Follicular Units to transplant per session as it is more durable.
  • Is more expensive.
  • Surgery is more exhausting for doctor and patient.



Neo Injerto Capilar Gen is headquartered in the Aragolaser Medical Center in Zaragoza, a space of more than 160 meters, located in the center of the city, and dedicated to aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and hair medicine. We have two of our own operating rooms, one of them for hair surgeries, which has the greatest technological advances in this area, and which is designed to be able to offer maximum patient comfort for this type of long-lasting interventions.

Having its own operating room provides a very important plus in the development of this activity, since it avoids concerns such as the extra payment for external operating room, it allows the company absolute control in the time of the intervention without having to monitor the space of The contracted time is over. Operating the undesirable "rush", allows an exhaustive post-operative control and favors the recommended subsequent sessions of Hair Bio Stimulation with Enriched Plasma that considerably benefit the grafting processes.



Directed by the DRA. LOURDES MORENO CARBONELL, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza, Bachelor of Biochemistry from the University of Zaragoza and Diploma in Nursing from the University of Zaragoza, NEO GRAFT CAPILAR GEN, has a professional team with demonstrable experience in hundreds of surgeries performed hair transplantation, mastering all techniques to perfection, and offering follow-up, control and unique care in its own operating rooms in Zaragoza, and in its associated centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

DR. ERIC LYCEA ALLÓN: Surgeon General. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Havana. Master in Aesthetic Medicine Complutense University of Madrid. Hair Transplant Master by EACSAM (European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine) Master in Endoscopic Surgical Techniques. Regenera Activa International Trainer (Hair Cell Regenerative Therapy)

DR. KYRENIA SANCHEZ. Plastic Surgeon. Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Havana (Cuba) with the specialty of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Diploma in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and Surgeon of the Hair Transplant Unit at the Ivo Pitanguy Institute. Rio de Janeiro.

TECHNIQUES IN HAIR TRANSPLANTATION (CUTTERS) and NURSES. As important as the figure of the surgeon himself, the Neo Capillary Graft cutting team, made up of 4 professional experts, is a basic piece for our obtained results. The correct synchronization of Nurses and Doctors, obtained after many shared surgeries, give our team incalculable added value, achieving exceptional results in their procedures.




The different treatments and interventions can only be performed in suitable cases, previously selected by the doctor or responsible professional, after conducting a valuation consultation or a complex and complete preoperative study of each case.

The doctor has to inform you in a personalized way about your specific case, of the most important aspects and of the treatment or operation such as: expected result, estimated duration of the treatment result, possible complications, side effects and risks.

Validity of the Offer for Collective with Advantage:

- The offer is valid as long as it is visible, if you are interested, make an appointment today and download your Proof of Access (red button).


* ABanzis has managed this advantage for you and your entire group. In order to give you the best service and keep track of the use of this offer, we ask for your collaboration:

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with the offer or want to make a suggestion, please let us know.

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