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THE BEST MORTGAGE FOR YOU - DTO. 10% in financial intermediation services



RN Your Mortgage Solution

Health License / Registration Number: Financial Intermediary nº 60
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Contact: Lucia moratal

BEST PRICE - RN Your Mortgage Solution - Financial Intermediary

To get better conditions for your mortgage, up to 100% purchase price, less interest, less commissions, less bonds and less expenses: OFFER of 10% discount on the financial intermediation services of RN Tu Soluciones Hipotecaria.

OFFER for Collective with Advantage, ask us to know if you can be included in any. 

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- Consultation and study of the mortgage operation without cost or commitment. The fees for the financial intermediation service once the discount has been applied will be paid only in the event of a successful operation. That is, you will only have to pay for your procedures if at the end of them you decide that the solution for your mortgage proposed by RN Tu Soluciones Hipotecaria is convenient for you.

- Confirmation of the viability of the operation in 48 hours.

- Interested persons must provide the documentation and information necessary to carry out the study and other necessary procedures.

- The discount on financial intermediation services includes direct relatives: parents, children, siblings and partner. (It does not refer to the financial conditions for the person interested in obtaining the mortgage).

- The client must prove belonging to a Collective with Advantage and proof of access to this offer (by pressing the red button).

- SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY CREDIT INSTITUTIONS. Depending on the information and financial, labor, patrimonial, family documentation, etc. provided by the person concerned and the risk assessment of the operation by the financial institutions, it will be possible or not to reach the best conditions and obtain the desired mortgage.



RN Tu Soluciones Hipotecaria is professionally dedicated to getting the best mortgage for its client. Thanks to their knowledge of the financial market, the agreements and fluency in communication with the credit institutions that grant mortgages and their specialized dedication to mortgage loans, they are able to obtain the best possible conditions, with less interest, ties, expenses and commissions. for first home mortgages, second home mortgages, self-promotions and refinances.

Depending on the work, financial and personal situation and the desired mortgage they could get for you:



MORTGAGE VARIABLE from  Euribor + 0,85%



If you want to buy, build or reform a house and you need a mortgage you may be interested to consult RN Soluciones Hipotecarias for many reasons:

- Because it will be much faster. Instead of spending your time and energy consulting several credit institutions and waiting for them to answer, let the expert professionals take care of getting you the best personalized mortgage for your case. You will have answers and solutions long before.

- Because it will be much more effective. The mortgage market is complex, changing and in many cases frustrating for the person who wants to get a mortgage to buy the house, apartment or apartment they want. With RN Soluciones Hipotecarias You could get better conditions than those offered by the banks that you have already consulted or you could obtain the mortgage that they were denying you.

- Because you only have to pay their fees if you decide to sign the mortgage they offer you. If the credit institutions do not approve the operation or the solution they propose, you are not interested or it does not compensate you financially, you do not have to pay anything. The fees are paid by invoice at the time of signing before a notary. 

- Because "you have nothing to lose and much to gain".




RN TU SOLUCION HIPOTECARIA is an independent financial intermediation company established in 1999 and made up of a team of experienced professionals whose main objective is to find the best “mortgage solution” for each client profile. This experience translates into extensive knowledge of the sector and its activity, which directly results in the quality and quantity of mortgages obtained.

The company has forged a close relationship with the main state banking entities, all of which today grant loans with mortgage guarantees. Thanks to the fact that its end customers have also become the best of financial institutions, it has given them a preferential position when it comes to interacting and signing agreements with them to be really effective when it comes to processing the mortgage.

This efficiency allows them to know the times of each of the ways to progress in the loan processing but also allows them to optimize them and solve the situations that may arise in order to process the mortgage as quickly as possible.

Validity of the Offer for Collective with Advantage:

- The offer is valid as long as it is visible, if you are interested, make an appointment today and download your Proof of Access (red button).


* ABanzis has managed this advantage for you and your entire group. In order to give you the best service and keep track of the use of this offer, we ask for your collaboration:

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with the offer or want to make a suggestion, please let us know.

Thank you very much

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