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Health License / Registration Number: O0091
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The recognized brands in the market use high quality materials and advanced technologies to guarantee the protection of your eyes against UV rays and other environmental risks. In addition, its durability and resistance to wear ensure that you will have a long-lasting and reliable product. 


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This offer is for people belonging to Colectivo con Advantage. Ask us to find out if you belong or can be included.

This offer includes the parents, children, siblings and partner of the person belonging to Colectivo con Advantage.

The preoperative study is without cost or commitment. (Tests and evaluation consultation)

It is a closed price that includes revisions until discharge.

Financing available, consult conditions in the clinic. (Subject to approval by the financial entity arranged with the clinic).

The tests and revisions are carried out by the Castanera Ophthalmological Institute and the surgeries are carried out with its own technology in the facilities that it has reserved at the TEKNON clinic.

General Conditions of the ABanzis Offers and Discounts Program:

To take advantage of this offer, it is necessary to contact the optician by filling out and sending the form above, they will call you shortly to provide you with information or an appointment. (The offer price is not guaranteed if you contact the optician directly).

In this WEB you do not have to pay anything.

To enjoy the offer, at the time of purchase in the optician's own, you must prove belonging to your Group with Advantage and show the Proof of Access to the offer issued by our WEB.


The different treatments and interventions can only be performed in suitable cases, previously selected by the doctor or responsible professional, after conducting a valuation consultation or a complex and complete preoperative study of each case.

The doctor has to inform you in a personalized way about your specific case, of the most important aspects and of the treatment or operation such as: expected result, estimated duration of the treatment result, possible complications, side effects and risks.

Validity of the Offer for Collective with Advantage:

- The offer is valid as long as it is visible, if you are interested, make an appointment today and download your Proof of Access (red button).


* ABanzis has managed this advantage for you and your entire group. In order to give you the best service and keep track of the use of this offer, we ask for your collaboration:

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with the offer or want to make a suggestion, please let us know.

Thank you very much

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