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Barcelona - Operation of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with laser 730 € / eye PRK Customized



Institut d'Oftalmologia Castanera
Via Augusta 20-22 (2nd floor) Barcelona
Health License / Registration Number: E08704046
Tel: 699054525 - 965771156
Contact: Lucia moratal

BEST PRICE - Institut d'Oftalmologia Castanera - Clínica Oftalmológica

This offer consists of a discount on the Excimer laser vision operation for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism through PRK technique.

Offer Price PRK Custom Zyoptix € 730 / eye by EpiClear SFBC (€ 980 / eye pvp)

The price includes the Zyoptix personalized treatment: When the excimer laser carves the cornea, it not only corrects the diopters as in a conventional treatment, it also corrects the optical aberrations of each patient thanks to the analysis of each one of them by the wavefront technology.
It is also a treatment of aspherical result to avoid night halos unlike standard treatments that have a spherical result.

In addition, at the Institut d'Oftalmolgia Castanera, the corneal de-epithelialization procedure is performed con EpiClear SFBC, instead of applying an eye drop. The instrument EpiClear EBK is for single use, it is made of a biocompatible polymer and its function is to gently sweep the corneal epithelium, preserving the integrity of Bowman's layer and the stroma.


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This offer is for people belonging to a Collective with Advantage included, contact us to find out if you belong or can be included.

This offer includes parents, children, siblings and partner of the person belonging to Collective with Advantage.

The preoperative study is without cost or commitment. (Evidence and evaluative consultation)

It's a closed price that includes revisions until discharge.

Financing available, 6 MONTHS WITHOUT INTEREST (in the 1st installment you must add 2,5% of opening costs), consult conditions in the clinic, subject to approval by the financial entity agreed with the clinic).

The tests and reviews are carried out by the Castanera Ophthalmological Institute and the surgeries are carried out, with its own technology, in the facilities that the clinic has reserved in the TEKNON clinic.

Request the first appointment with the clinic through ABanzis, calling or downloading the Voucher of the offer. The sale price is not guaranteed if an appointment is made directly with the clinic.

To request information or appointment: 699054525 - 965771156 -

At the first appointment, the patient must prove belonging to Collective with Advantage and teach the Voucher of the offer issued by our WEB.

Before any treatment or surgery it is necessary to perform a study and a personalized assessment. The doctor will explain and advise you about all options depending on your case, regardless of the offer you select, no medical treatment is reserved on this WEB.

The doctor will also inform you about possible risks, side effects, and complications. Not all cases are suitable.

In this WEB you don't have to pay anything. Payment will be made at the chosen center when the treatment, intervention or consultation is carried out.

The offer is valid while visible on this WEB and cannot be combined with any other advantageous condition, offer, promotion or insurance. In the event of misprints, errors or unintentional omissions in prices, other conditions or contents, in the edition or publication of this offer by ABanzis, they will not be valid, applicable, enforceable or reclaimable by users of neither ABanzis nor to the clinic. ABanzis undertakes to correct the offer as soon as possible, as soon as it becomes aware of the failure.



When the operation is performed using the PRK technique:

It is mainly indicated for patients with low corneal thickness, when it is impossible to perform LASIK. It may also be the best option for some patients for other reasons, such as the type of tear, the profession or the practice of certain sports.

What is the PRK technique:

As in the other procedures with excimer laser, it is a treatment that is performed on the cornea, on the external surface of the eye, in just a few minutes and with only a few drops of anesthetic eye drops.

The technique consists of removing the corneal epithelium, usually through the application of eye drops and then the excimer laser is applied to correct the patient's refractive defect. After the intervention, the epithelium regenerates itself after a few days, while a therapeutic contact lens is put on, which is removed when the cornea has already completely epithelialized.

The main difference of the PRK technique compared to the others is that it is not performed flap and therefore the recovery is slower and can also be more annoying.


Dr. Jorge Castanera de Molina is a world-renowned expert in ophthalmic surgery.

Medical Director of the Castanera Ophthalmology Institute. Specialist in anterior segment of the eye and Refractive Surgery.

Over two decades, it has pioneered the application of the most advanced techniques, such as the implantation of intraocular lenses in cataract surgery, ICL lenses for high myopia, in diagnosis of elevation topography, or in personalized treatments. , where he has already participated in different research projects. Regarding refractive laser surgery, he was the first ophthalmologist in Spain to start this practice, in 1988.



The Castanera Ophthalmology Institute was founded in 1954 by Dr. Alfonso Castanera Pueyo, establishing a prestigious family tradition of ophthalmological surgeons.

The pioneering use of most advanced technologies and techniques, scientific research and a truly personalized treatment of patients have allowed the Castanera Ophthalmology Institute to be considered, internationally, as one of the reference centers in ophthalmic surgery.

It is one of the few private centers in Spain that has a license for corneal transplant surgery.




The different treatments and interventions can only be performed in suitable cases, previously selected by the doctor or responsible professional, after conducting a valuation consultation or a complex and complete preoperative study of each case.

The doctor has to inform you in a personalized way about your specific case, of the most important aspects and of the treatment or operation such as: expected result, estimated duration of the treatment result, possible complications, side effects and risks.

Validity of the Offer for Collective with Advantage:

- The offer is valid as long as it is visible, if you are interested, make an appointment today and download your Proof of Access (red button).


* ABanzis has managed this advantage for you and your entire group. In order to give you the best service and keep track of the use of this offer, we ask for your collaboration:

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