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Malaga - Tired View LASER Operation - € 895 / Femtopresbilasik eye



Vistalaser Ophthalmology Clinic
Málaga (C / Alameda de Colón, 26) - Marbella (Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 62) - Fuengirola (Ctra. De Mijas, 4-km 6)
Health License / Registration Number: NICA11054 Malaga - NICA26846 Marbella - NICA 24246 Fuengirola
Tel: 699054525 - 965771156
Contact: Lucia Moratal

BEST PRICE - Vistalaser Ophthalmology Clinic - Ophthalmology Clinic

Laser Surgery for correction of Presbyopia / Tired Vision + Myopia / Hyperopia / Astigmatism: 

OFFER: 12% Discount on Tired Vision Surgery, for Collective with Advantage. Ask us to find out if you belong or can be included in a Collective with Advantage and thus take advantage of our offers. 


     For, request the offer, information or appointment: 

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- The price of the evaluative consultation and preoperative tests for ABanzis Users is € 50 what will be discounted of the offer price of the intervention when it is carried out. (Except during February 2020 what will they be for free for ABanzis users)

- It is a closed price that includes reviews until discharge.

- Includes direct relatives: parents, children, siblings and partner

- Possibility of Financing: check conditions at the clinic. Subject to approval by the financial entity agreed with the clinic.

- On the first day of testing, the patient must teach an accreditation of belonging to a Collective with Advantage y Proof of the Offer which you get below.

- Manage the offer directly from the beginning with ABanzis (The offer price is not guaranteed to those patients who already have an appointment with the clinic)



€ 895 / eye Transmission Laser for Tired Eyesight or Presbyopia which includes the application of Femtosecond laser (Clinical PVP € 1.025 / eye)

(They are prices with the discount already included for people belonging to Collective With Advantage)



It is the loss of the ability to focus closely. 

The lens is a fundamental part of the focusing system of our eyes and from a certain age it begins to lose functionality.

Suddenly, we notice that it is difficult for us to read and see focused at close range and that we need to move the mobile or the book away with our arm. At the beginning in many cases, we do not know what is happening to us and we simply think that we are just tired, so we continue to function without giving it any importance, until many times we end the day with a headache and exhaustion.

The tired sight or presbyopia happens after 40 years. The age of onset of eyestrain depends on several factors, mainly the previous prescription. For example, a nearsighted person will notice that they begin to have difficulty focusing closely later than their peers their age. With a hyperopic person, the opposite will happen.



Compensates for diopters from both far and near, that is myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and also TIRED EYE or presbyopia.

It is usually a treatment bilateral, both eyes are treated. (In certain cases, only one of the eyes is treated) 

To a greater or lesser extent, the monovision, it decir, without compromising the distant vision, one of the eyes is intentionally and slightly undercorrected so that the patient can read or perform close-up tasks without the need for glasses. In many cases, the eye that the patient already uses is chosen preferably to close unconsciously.

It is a treatment that is performed on the cornea, on the outer surface of the eye, so it is a mild and low-risk surgery. It is done in just a few minutes and with only a few drops of anesthetic eye drops.

Thanks to the application of Femtosecond laser pprovide maximum precision and safety in performing the FLAP during the surgical act. 
During surgery it is necessary to obtain a FLAP (superficial disc of corneal tissue similar to a lens) to prepare the cornea before applying the treatment with the EXCIMER laser and in FEMTOLASIK it is obtained with a technology called FEMTOSEGUNDO Laser instead of with surgical microkeratome avoiding cutting the tissue as in LASIK treatments. 

The Femtosecond laser is an infrared laser that is used not only in refractive surgeries but also in other corneal surgeries such as INTRAESTROMAL RINGS for keratoconus and corneal transplants. The software it incorporates gives us absolute control over eye movements during the cut, as well as the thickness, depth and diameter of the flap. These advantages of the Femtosecond laser compared to the conventional microkeratome translate into a minimization of the risks of refractive surgeries.


SIMULATION OF THE VISUAL RESULT prior to the intervention to compensate for Tired Vision or Presbyopia:

At the VISTALASER Ophthalmology clinic, a simulation is performed with contact lenses that the patient wears a few days so that he can check for himself if in his real life (working, driving, reading, playing sports, etc.) he is comfortable and has a satisfactory vision and can decide if you are interested in having the intervention.


IN WHICH CASES IS IT PREFERRED TO PERFORM A LASER TREATMENT to compensate for Eyestrain versus the option of implanting a MULTIFOCAL Intraocular lens:

It is an interesting option for those patients who already suffer from eye discomfort tired but still too young as to consider intraocular lens surgery.

On the other hand, if the patient already has a cataract, even if it is very incipient, a laser treatment on the cornea will be ruled out and the option of implanting a MULTIFOCAL artificial intraocular lens to replace the patient's own lens will be evaluated.



Dr. Juan Luis García Madrona - Ophthalmologist Surgeon:
Degree in Medicine from the University of Seville. He completed the specialty of Ophthalmology via Mir, obtaining the qualification of Excellent. He is a specialist in surgery of the anterior pole of the eye.

Dr. Cesar Delgado - Ophthalmologist Surgeon:

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada. He specialized in Ophthalmology via Mir at the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital. He is a member of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO).

Dr Michel Cabrier- Doctor in Refractive Surgery:
Trained at the University of Montpellier. He has practiced his profession in France and Spain, developing an important professional career. He is one of the pioneers of laser eye treatments in Europe.
Dr. Luis Villalba Pinto - Ophthalmologist Surgeon:

And the CLINIC:


The VistaLásica clinics in Malaga and Marbella have the most advanced technology and make a significant effort in innovation.

Its operating rooms are equipped with Zeiss Mel 80 excimer laser and Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser which makes them leading centers in terms of laser equipment in Andalusia.



The different treatments and interventions can only be performed in suitable cases, previously selected by the doctor or responsible professional, after conducting a valuation consultation or a complex and complete preoperative study of each case.

The doctor has to inform you in a personalized way about your specific case, of the most important aspects and of the treatment or operation such as: expected result, estimated duration of the treatment result, possible complications, side effects and risks.

Validity of the Offer for Collective with Advantage:

- The offer is valid as long as it is visible, if you are interested, make an appointment today and download your Proof of Access (red button).


* ABanzis has managed this advantage for you and your entire group. In order to give you the best service and keep track of the use of this offer, we ask for your collaboration:

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with the offer or want to make a suggestion, please let us know.

Thank you very much

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